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Escama Studio Visual Merchandising Displays

Special events, holiday markets and trade shows give us an opportunity to express ourselves through visual merchandising. Here are some photos of events that we've done over the years.


WWD Best in Show

For this display we enlarged a high resolution image of pop tops and printed it out on Tyvek to create a portable backdrop. It won 'Best in Show' for WWD Accessories Show in Las Vegas.

Ipanema sidewalk

To emphasize our Brazilian roots we came up with this homage to Brazilian mid-century modern design. The iconic sidewalk of Rio's Ipanema is the basis for the graphic and then we added color overlays.

GOOD market in Sacramento

Our display at the GOOD market in Sacramento had the feeling of an altar.

Oh how nice it is to have a hard wall. This is one of our favorite displays from the NY Gift Show many years ago. Very simple mounted images, a few odds and ends from the Container Store and the result looks like a museum shop.




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