Cadu Andrade: New Brazilian Style

Brazilian Photographer Cadu Andrade

For the past ten years Escama Studio has wanted to shoot lifestyle photography in Brazil but we could never get it off the ground. Socorro, Sandra and I talked about lifestyle photos (argued about lifestyle photos) for years but we were not going to do it if we couldn't do it right. Then all of a sudden our dream became a reality. Earlier this year Socorro's son, Daniel introduced us to a young, up-and-coming Brazilian photographer named Cadu Andrade and we realized that we had a great opportunity to present our products and Brazil in a way that most people had not seen before. Through his lens Cadu is able to capture the feeling and energy of modern, urban Brazil. He is constantly on the move, shooting skateboarders, heavy metal bands and he's gaining recognition for his work in his hometown of Brasilia and beyond.  This is his first foray in fashion lifestyle photography and we are proud to share a few of his photos here. We look forward to our next photo shoot with Cadu. For more images here is Cadu's photo stream, Scroll to the bottom of this blog post to read Cadu's bio (or click here to read his bio on the Escama Studio site).  

Escama Studio by Cadu Andrade


Escama Studio by Cadu Andrade

Escama Studio by Cadu Andrade

Escama Studio by Cadu Andrade

Escama Studio by Cadu Andrade

Escama Studio by Cadu Andrade

Escama Studio by Cadu Andrade


My name is Cadu Andrade - a young and passionate photographer working in Brazil. I graduated from UNIP 2011 in Marketing and Advertisement and that is when I fell in love with photography. I currently work in the music scene and was recognized in 2012 as one of the best photographers in Brazil by the “Fotografe uma Idéia” magazine. In addition to shooting local musicians, I am also partner-founder of the video production company “Skull Foto em Movimento”, acting as a producer, director and photography manager.

Meu nome é Cadu Andrade – um jovem e apaixonado fotógrafo que trabalha no Brasil. Sou formado em Marketing e Propaganda pela faculdade UNIP em 2011, onde nasceu meu amor pela fotografia. Trabalho atualmente como fotógrafo na área musical, sendo eleito em 2012 um dos melhores do Brasil pela revista “Fotografe uma Idéia”. Além de fotografar as bandas da cena brasiliense, sou também sócio-fundador da produtora de vídeos “Skull Foto em Movimento”, atuando como produtor-diretor e diretor de fotografia.

A Dress For Daryl Hannah

Looking back over the past ten years, one milestone is particularly memorable; the actress and eco advocate, Daryl Hannah contacted the Studio (or should I say her people did) and requested a dress made of pop tops. She was heading to Venice, Italy for the Blade Runner Redux film release at the Venice Film Festival and wanted a dress that would emphasis her commitment to environmental issues. It was a big deal. Blade Runner, best movie ever made, Venice, gotta look good in Italy under any circumstance. We needed to make it happen. I remember frantically calling Brazil to ask Socorro if the artists could possibly get a dress made and shipped to LA within 10 days. The artists heard the news and flipped out -- they were all very familiar with Daryl Hannah. For all of the artists, it was the film 'Splash' that rocked their world. They were amazed that Daryl Hannah knew what they were doing and recognized their work. It was a bit surreal for all of us. 10 days later the dress arrived in time in LA and Daryl flew out to Italy and ended up wearing it at the Venice Film Festival. We found some images from the Internet and shared them with the artisans and everyone got a great deal of satisfaction from it. This happened many years ago but we still remember. From all of us at Escama Studio Thank you Daryl Hannah!

Daryl Hannah in Escama Studio Dress

Darryl Hannah at the Blade Runner Redux release at Venice Film Festival


Daryl also wore the dress for a photo shoot in Delta In-Flight Magazine.


The film Splash was huge in Brazil. The artisans were crazy for Daryl Hannah.

Brazilian Hip Hop

Afro Brazilian dance group, Companhia Urbana de Danca performed last night at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and it was incredible. We found out about the performance at the last minute and rushed over only to have the last tickets sold out just as we were 4 people away from the ticket window. So of course we begged and pleaded and in the end we got a standing room view off to stage left. I'm glad that we were so shameless: it's a super high energy show with sweat flying and it's a blast to watch. The performance is a mix of hip-hop, contemporary dance and Brazilian dance. Their run at the YBCA ended last night but if you're in NYC they're performing a few dates in March and April. Here is the link on their website with future dates.

Here is a glimpse of their performance from the YBCA.


Carnaval - Ala das Baianas

The 'Wing of Bahia' is considered one of the most important of the samba schools. Made of up ladies dressed in clothes reminiscent of old aunties from Bahia, the Wing of Bahia was introduced in the parade in the 1930s as a form of tribute to women "aunts" of samba, samba dancers that practiced in their homes at the time when the peace was marginalized. Today the Ala das Baianas is a must in every ward parades of samba schools.

Welcome to the Sambadrome

It's Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro and Carnival is already in full swing. The annual Sambadrome spectacle begins tomorrow. What is Sambadrome? It's the annual Carnival competition of Rio's top samba dance crews. Costumes, floats, synchronized dancing, music, drumming, 85,000 spectators packed into a stadium under lights. When people outside of Brazil think 'Carnival' the images that come to mind are samba. Here's a taste

Brazil Recycled Art: Studio Swine's Mobile Foundry

Here is a design story that recently caught our attention. A London-based design studio called Studio Swine relocated to Brazil for several months and created housewares from discarded and recycled materials. One of the collections called 'Can City' involved creating a 'mobile forge' for smelting recycled aluminum right on the streets of Sao Paulo.

Recycling aluminum in Brazil is carried out (literally) by groups of organized scrap collectors known as Catadores who gather scrap aluminum and then sell it to local recycling centers. It appears that Studio Swine got hooked up with the Catadores to get the raw scrap aluminum for this project which was sponsored by Heineken beer.

A bit of back story: the name Studio Swine has nothing to do with pigs, it stands for 'Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Exploration' and it's world-renowned design collaborative made up Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves. Having read a few things about Studio Swine online, it looks like a common thread that runs through many of their projects is that they want to create beautifully designed pieces using recycled / cast off materials and they also want to create their tools from scrap (like their mobile forge made from scrap). For crafty types they've offered a few free designs from their website.


Sao Paulo Collection: Image credit Studio Swine