Eco Bag 'Chica Rosa'

Eco bag Chica Rosa from Escama
Silver Clutch 'Chica Rosa' in silver with silver detail
Eco bag Chica Rosa from Escama
Silver Clutch 'Chica Rosa' in Silver with black detail
Eco Bag 'Chica Rosa' by Escama Studio
Silver clutch 'Chica Rosa' in 12 color combinations
Eco Bag 'Chica Rosa' by Escama Studio
Silver clutch 'Chica Rosa' in a variety of colors
Eco Chic Bag 'Chica Rosa' by Escama Studio
Silver clutch 'Chica Rosa' detailed in color

Oliberté and #fairtradeshoes

We recently came across the story of Oliberté, an up-and-coming brand of footwear that is manufactured in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I think their story is interesting because of the choices that they took with their manufacturing and their brand. They started in 2009 and partnered with ethical local factories that they had vetted. When their business outgrew these partnership, Oliberté didn't do what other companies do -- i.e. move production from Argentina to China etc -- rather they opened their own manufacturing facility in Addis Ababa. According to their website, Oliberté is now the world's first Fair Trade Certified footwear, having been certified by auditing teams based in Ethiopia from Fair Trade USA. The shoes look cool but as a bag maker, we are particularly keen on the bags that they make. It's a cool company with a great story that's told beautifully in their online video. We wish them big success with their endeavors. Check out their line 

California Teen Makes Prom Dress From Soda Tabs

There was a very nice article in today's LA Times about Brie Fainblit, a Palmdale teenager who put her creativity to work to make a prom dress out of pop tops. It's a very sweet story, Brie doesn't have much in the way of money but she has a vision and creativity and this is what matters.

Escama Studio's bags also come from an environment where money is scarce but creativity is abundant. It's from this type of scarcity that brings forth creativity. We hope that Brie's dress is a smash hit at the prom this weekend. And Brie -- if you're out there -- we just wanted to let you know that we've referred a Canadian named Al over to you -- he wants a gig bag for his bass guitar and we hope that he finds you. Send us an message, we'd love to hear from you. Who knows.....maybe we could collaborate!   :-)

Read the LA Times article here.



How to Crochet a Pop Top Purse

For our fans who like to crochet with pop tops here is a beautiful bag tutorial from Creatividades100. Thousands of people around the world are fascinated with the art of crochet with pop tops. In Mexico and Central and South America, pop-top crochet is very popular but we were very surprised to learn that it is also a popular craft in Scandinavia!

Here is a video to make a different kind of pop-top bag, using a flower motif. The video is in Spanish but don't worry, the language of crochet transcends linguistic boundaries. To see more crochet with pop top tutorials, subscribe to the awesome Youtube channel devoted to all types of pop top creations, Creatividades100 . It is THE destination for this type of craft. Have fun!!!!

Israeli Fashion Magazine Images

Escama Studio is now selling in Israel. If you live in Israel and you're looking for our products please visit the shop Here are a few fashion magazine spreads that we just received from Mirona Koren of Madeo. Thank you for sharing, Mirona!


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