Escama Studio -- Joking around with Francisca

Staging a video without laughing is not easy. Here is an out-take from a video that we shot with Francisca's group. It's in Portuguese but laughter with friends is a language that we can all understand.

Fair Trade Halloween

October is Fair Trade Month, it's a great time to learn how YOU (and me and everybody) can make the world a better place just by making better choices in the way that we buy things. Throughout the month of October Escama Studio will post some easily digestible tidbits about Fair Trade so that we can all learn together.

So let's start with some treats. Halloween is coming up. If you're stocking up for trick-or-treaters you can make a huge impact by buying Fair Trade chocolate. Our friends at Fair Trade Winds have 5 excellent reasons why it's much better to buy Fair Trade chocolate!

Looking for Fair Trade Treats for Halloween? Here are a few ideas. If you know of any other Fair Trade chocolates, candies or snacks suitable for trick-or-treaters please send them our way!

Equal Exchange makes 'Mini's' in Milk and Dark Chocolate



Clif Kid Z Bar is widely available at grocery outlets or Amazon

Newman's Own is widely available with chocolates, licorice and other treats

Divine Dark Chocolate

Glee Gum and Glee Pops are individually packaged for Halloween


Mama Ganache has organic Fair Trade chocolate skulls & trick or treat packs


We're scouting for more fair trade treats for Halloween. If you have any other ideas for individually packaged, cost effective Halloween treats we'd love to get your feedback! We are compiling a Pinterest board for Fair Trade Halloween and would love to show more treats. Thanks!