Bossa Negra - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Marcos Michael and his production company MOOV have created their first music video -- Bossa Negra -- with incredible footage of Rio. If you couldn't make the trip to Brasil to see the World Cup, at least you can watch Rio on your computer monitor.

This film was shared by our friend, SF graphic designer Lallo Lemos. 

Enjoy and share!

Carnaval - Ala das Baianas

The 'Wing of Bahia' is considered one of the most important of the samba schools. Made of up ladies dressed in clothes reminiscent of old aunties from Bahia, the Wing of Bahia was introduced in the parade in the 1930s as a form of tribute to women "aunts" of samba, samba dancers that practiced in their homes at the time when the peace was marginalized. Today the Ala das Baianas is a must in every ward parades of samba schools.

Welcome to the Sambadrome

It's Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro and Carnival is already in full swing. The annual Sambadrome spectacle begins tomorrow. What is Sambadrome? It's the annual Carnival competition of Rio's top samba dance crews. Costumes, floats, synchronized dancing, music, drumming, 85,000 spectators packed into a stadium under lights. When people outside of Brazil think 'Carnival' the images that come to mind are samba. Here's a taste