Metallic Clothing

Duster Jacket

Metallic silver women's full length duster jacket, hand crocheted in Brazil with post-consumer recycled soda pop tabs. The fish net - like weave allows the garment to stretch to fit most body sizes. This metallic garment looks like it would be heavy like chain mail but it's surprisingly lightweight, flexible and breathable. Each piece is a wearable work of art hand crocheted by a talented fair trade artisan in Brazil and it requires days to make. This is a stunning statement piece that is guaranteed to grab attention wherever you go.

  • Wearable work of art, long sleeve, full-length women's metallic duster jacket handmade from recycled soda-tabs.
  • Stretchable fish net construction allows the garment to conform to most women body sizes up to size 13.
  • Available in silver or black thread options.
  • Made in Brazil, hand crocheted by fair trade artisans, requiring days to create each piece. Each piece signed by the artist who made it.
  • A dramatic statement piece that is guaranteed to grab attention. Can be worn for parties, galas, festivals, or as part of a costume.
  • Fair trade, recycled, fashion forward.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it!

I love this kimono! Such a creative and unique piece. Because of the stretchy weave of it I think it works for many sizes and shapes (I’m a size 16 and it works on me...)


Clever and lovely! Full cut accommodates many figures, I use a removable closure to make a pleat in the back for some outfits. Looks great over a black evening gown or jeans!


Gorgeous! I own several bags and just love them and am excited to wear the Kimono! So happy to support this creative company.

excellent full length outer garment.

this product is a very well constructed garment. My friends are shock to see it on me. I would like to purchase the short version of the Kimono when it is on sale. thanks