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Escama Studio is totally obsessed with aluminum but even we didn't know that the 10 year wedding anniversary is the 'Aluminum Anniversary'. You'll only learn this kind of trivia if you're scrambling to find an appropriate 10 year anniversary gift. If you're now scouring the internet for something stylish that isn't a gag gift then you're in luck. Here are our recommendations for modern aluminum gifts that stand out from the rest. Let's begin......

 Aluminum Pitcher from F!NK + Co.

From the Australian design company F!NK + Co. comes an aluminum water jug that doubles as a piece of modern art for your tabletop. Nothing else looks like it and nothing else pours like it. The Museum of Modern Art uses the F!NK jug in their cafe and they also sell it in the MoMA design store. The museum describes it as a 'precise ergonomically controlled pouring tool' and the designers at F!NK + Co. say they aim to 'create utilitarian items that are also "objects of pure pleasure." We think that the product description is a bit over-the-top but the pitcher is still very cool.

alt="modern 10 year anniversary gift aluminum pop tab purse - escama studio"

'Socorro' Aluminum Soda Tab Purse

The 'Socorro' up-cycled aluminum bag from Escama Studio checks a lot of boxes. It's sustainable -- made from up-cycled aluminum soda pop tabs. It's ethically made -- hand woven by fair trade artisans in Brazil. And most of all, it and gets tons of compliments. It has all the features of a functional day bag -- beautifully lined with a fabric liner, zip top and an inside zipped pocket for iPhone. Lightweight, smooth, durable and has a modern look of futuristic chain mail. The Socorro is a cool 10 year anniversary gift for a fashionista. Shop the Socorro Bag >>alt="10 year anniversary gift mino speakers - Escama Studio"

 Lexon Mino Mini Bluetooth Speakers

The brand Lexon has a range of modern design objects from aluminum, our favorite is a collection of tiny aluminum mini bluetooth speakers called Mino. Designed by Manuela Simonelli and Andrea Quaglio. The smallest speaker in the Mino collection measures just 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5". It's rechargeable, has an elegant anodized aluminum shape and delivers great sound quality. It's a nice gift for women or men, available at ATYS >>

alt="10 year anniversary gift aluminum ray ban sunglasses - Escama Studio"

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Aluminum Frame Sunglasses

Ray Ban Clubmaster is an aluminum gift suitable for women or men. Iconic American-designed Ray-Ban has a well-deserved reputation for being high quality and stylish. We like the sleek, modern white and aluminum frames paired with the silver mirror lenses. A new pair of sunglasses is a cost effective and practical aluminum gift.You can find Ray-Ban discount codes and deals online  if you spend some time to look.

alt="10 year anniversary gift hammered aluminum cuff"

Hammered Aluminum Cuff from John S Brana

Aluminum jewelry is beautiful and it's great because it doesn’t rust, tarnish or fade over time. This minimalist cuff bracelet is shaped and textured by hand. The simple design allows it to be an incredibly versatile addition to your jewelry collection. You could wear it for an elegant night out or with your casual weekend outfit. John S Brana has an Etsy store with many other aluminum pieces suitable for a 10 year anniversary gift. 

alt="10 year anniversary gift aluminum Bialetti moka coffee maker - Escama Studio"

 'Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

If you have coffee drinkers in your life then a fun 10th anniversary gift might be the Bialetti stove-top Moka Express. With an iconic design that has not changed since it was introduced in 1933, the Bialetti has an octagonal shape that is designed to diffuse heat evenly. The coffee pot is made of polished cast aluminum and has a Bakelite handle. The Bialetti 6800 makes 3 cups of 2 oz espresso in just a couple minutes. We've owned one for over a decade and it's indestructible. It's widely available online and at the Bialetti website.

alt="10 year anniversary gift Bianchi Milano Cafe Racer - Escama Studio"

 Bianchi Milano Cafe Racer

Continuing on the Italian design theme, there is no bicycle on the planet more adorable than the aluminum framed Bianchi Milano Cafe Racer. If getting back in shape has been a resolution that you haven't acted on, imagine how much easier it will be when you have a bike at looks like it just jumped out of a Fellini movie. Makes perfect sense, right? The Bianchi team color, Celeste Green paint, paired with red sidewall tires and red whip stitched hand grips make the bike immediately indisputably Italian. The 8 speed gears operate in an internal hub and the Shimano Nexus handlebar gear shift is like shifting on that other icon of Italian design, the Vespa.  Available online at Bianchi.

 alt="10 year anniversary gift squarestreet watch - Escama Studio"

Squarestreet SQ31 Aluminum Wrist Watch

Squarestreet, makes aluminum watches for the 'New Gentleman'. The company behind this sophisticated watch describes it as the happy medium between heavy stainless steel and super minimalist wrist watches. The SQ31 is practical and readable while presenting a sleek and simple design. They come in various impressive styles and it looks like they're flying off the shelves -- quite a few are out of stock on the Squarestreet website. As the watch maker likes to say 'Aluminum represents everything that Squarestreet stands for. Innovation, moderation and honesty'. Clearly we are speaking the same language.

alt="10 year anniversary gift aluminum rings - Escama Studio"

 Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Tin Rings

One of the most popular 10 year anniversary gifts on Etsy is this pair of tin rings, inscribed with ‘Ten Years’. These are made to order for men and women, so they make a perfect gift to exchange for couples.

alt="10 year anniversary gift rimowa aluminum luggage - Escama Studio"

 Aluminum Luggage

Standing at the baggage carousel waiting for our battered suitcase to arrive, we've always been envious of the people who pick up the stylish aluminum luggage. For this 10th anniversary gift round up we discovered that there are a lot of manufacturers who make aluminum luggage at prices for most budgets. On the upper end there's Tumi and Rimowa (pictured), but there are more affordable options from Muji and Samsonite. You can cheat a little too because there are faux aluminum bags from Italy's Crash Baggage made of ABS polycarbonate that are really clever. Spoiler alert: when you exchange luggage as a gift, inevitably the next question that you'll ask is  'where should we go for our anniversary'? Which brings us to our last gift idea.....

best 10th anniversary wedding gift airstream aluminum trailer
 Airstream Sport

If you're going to go all out on a 10 year anniversary gift then it's our duty to recommend the Airstream Sport trailer. The funky retro Airstream aluminum trailers have always had a rabid, cult following but now with the wildly popular trend of Van Life (#vanlife), there's an even bigger demand for Airstreams. Small enough to be towed by an SUV, it sleeps up to four (!!), has a bathroom and shower (!!) and kitchen. You can find used airstream trailers and campers for sale online pretty easily. And if you really want to go crazy for your Aluminum Anniversary you can go to Alumapalooza.

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