Where to Recycle Textiles in San Francisco

San Franciscans are big on recycling. Blue bins for recyclables, green compost bins for food scraps, brown bins for garbage destined for landfill. Still, according to the Department of the City and County of San Francisco, 4,500 pounds of textiles go to local landfills ever hour. Now as part of it's plan to reach zero waste by 2020, San Francisco is partnering with Goodwill and other local businesses to keep used clothing out of landfills. Unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, linens are processed to make insulation for buildings and other materials for building and industrial applications.

Looking for pick up and drop off locations in San Francisco to recycle your textiles, glass, cans? Check out the website San Francisco Recycle or nationally check out: http://www.bluejeansgogreen.org/

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