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The Artisan Co-operative Family

What's it like to work with a group of other artisans in an artisan co-operative? We've been asking some of the artisans to get their perspective and today we talked to Chica Rosa.

ES: Hi Chica, when did you start working as an artisan?

Chica Rosa: I started in 2004

ES: Your products are now all over the world, it that exciting? How does that make you and the other artisans feel?

Chica: Well, first off it makes me sure to be careful to the details. It is exciting that these products are sold outside of the country. I feel that it's difficult to produce each item but I feel accomplished when I see the result of my work. To see the transformation not only of the material in a product so beautiful but also to see the ability of the women in this's fantastic! In this partnership the difficulties become insignificant compared to the great satisfaction that I feel. The result of our work is that we have created this great family.

ES: What has changed since you joined the project?

Chica: The income from the production has improved our lives, it's made many friends to feel happier than before. My life has changed thanks to the income that I have with this work. We produce as a group and I love it. We are a group! We learn from each other, sometimes we are students and sometimes we are teachers.

ES: What have you been able to do for your family recently?

Chica: I bought clothing for the kids and we made a trip together to have a good time. My family and I are always together. We have had the opportunity to travel, buy gifts. On one occasion, I traveled with some artisans. That was fantastic too.

ES: Anything else?

Chica: This partnership makes me very happy.



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Cindy Legorreta
Cindy Legorreta

May 03, 2016

Hi from NYC!! My trademark black hippie pullover has had a partner for almost a year now – Escama’s wonderful pull tab silver necklace. I can’t TELL you how many comments, and compliments I get on it! I always take a moment then, to let people know about Escama, the other items I have since purchased, and your great group of artists who transform ‘trash, into fash’ worn proudly by women like me..all over the world. I even had someone ask, “Miss, that lovely necklace you have it by any chance a Bulgari?” I am delighted to tell people about Escama! You rock!

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