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The Artisan Co-operative Family - Escama Studio

To encourage a group of artisans to band together while inspiring them to strive toward a common goal is something that requires both leadership and passion. Francisca Rosa Martins, otherwise known as Chica Rosa (the Chica Rosa clutch is named in her honor), is a larger-than-life presence and has a tremendous energy to encourage women in her community to raise up their livelihood through work in handicrafts. We wanted to get her perspective on life and work in the cooperative.

ES: Hi Chica, when did you start working as an artisan?

Chica Rosa: I started in 2004

ES: When we started collaborating back then in 2004 we never imagined that these bags would end up all over the world. It still amazes us. How does that make you and the other artisans feel?

Chica: Well, first off it makes me sure to be careful to the details. It is exciting that these products are sold outside of the country. I feel that it's difficult to produce each item but I feel accomplished when I see the result of my work. To see the transformation not only of the material in a product so beautiful but also to see the ability of the women in this's fantastic! In this partnership the difficulties become insignificant compared to the great satisfaction that I feel. The result of our work is that we have created this great family.

ES: What has changed since you joined the project?

Chica: The income from the production has improved our lives, it's made many friends to feel happier than before. My life has changed thanks to the income that I have with this work. We produce as a group and I love it. We are a group! We learn from each other, sometimes we are students and sometimes we are teachers.

ES: What have you been able to do for your family recently?

Chica: I bought clothing for the kids and we made a trip together to have a good time. My family and I are always together. We have had the opportunity to travel, buy gifts. On one occasion, I traveled with some artisans. That was fantastic too.

ES: Anything else?

Chica: This partnership makes me very happy.

ES: Us too.

To read about Chica Rosa and the other artisans responsible for Escama Studio's handmade creations, visit the Who Made This? section of our website.

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  • Cindy Legorreta

    Hi from NYC!! My trademark black hippie pullover has had a partner for almost a year now – Escama’s wonderful pull tab silver necklace. I can’t TELL you how many comments, and compliments I get on it! I always take a moment then, to let people know about Escama, the other items I have since purchased, and your great group of artists who transform ‘trash, into fash’ worn proudly by women like me..all over the world. I even had someone ask, “Miss, that lovely necklace you have it by any chance a Bulgari?” I am delighted to tell people about Escama! You rock!

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