San Francisco: Smart Water is Stupid

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The hundreds of empty water bottles rolling around on the floor of your car may soon be a thing of the past now that San Francisco's board of supervisors have approved a ban on selling single-use plastic bottles of water on city property. The legislation is a new initiative to reduce plastic waste and it follows the successful adoption of a recent ban on plastic bags. Board of Supervisor President David Chiu showed tremendous courage when he uttered the words that I've wanted to tell Jennifer Aniston for years: “I want to remind people that not long ago, our world was not addicted to plastic water bottles,” he said. “Before (the 1990s), for centuries, everybody managed to stay hydrated." To further illustrate the not-smartness of bottled water, Supervisor Chiu filled a plastic water bottle a 1/4 of the way full with oil to show how much oil is used to transport and produce a single serving bottle of water. San Franciscan's who do not drink bottled water but who regularly consume Organic Girl single serving plastic packed salad have voiced concern that the Board the of Supervisors may begin to question the smartness of single serving plastic salad packs. 

For slightly less tongue-in-cheek coverage of the single serving bottled water ban please read:

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