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How to Crochet a Pop Top Purse

For our fans who like to crochet with pop tops here is a beautiful bag tutorial from Creatividades100. Thousands of people around the world are fascinated with the art of crochet with pop tops. In Mexico and Central and South America, pop-top crochet is very popular but we were very surprised to learn that it is also a popular craft in Scandinavia!

Here is a video to make a different kind of pop-top bag, using a flower motif. The video is in Spanish but don't worry, the language of crochet transcends linguistic boundaries. To see more crochet with pop top tutorials, subscribe to the awesome Youtube channel devoted to all types of pop top creations, Creatividades100 . It is THE destination for this type of craft. Have fun!!!!



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January 23, 2015

I am honored that you shared one of my videos. THANK YOU! I am an admirer of all your works.

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