A Dress For Daryl Hannah

Looking back over the past ten years, one milestone is particularly memorable; the actress and eco advocate, Daryl Hannah contacted the Studio (or should I say her people did) and requested a dress made of pop tops. She was heading to Venice, Italy for the Blade Runner Redux film release at the Venice Film Festival and wanted a dress that would emphasis her commitment to environmental issues. It was a big deal. Blade Runner, best movie ever made, Venice, gotta look good in Italy under any circumstance. We needed to make it happen. I remember frantically calling Brazil to ask Socorro if the artists could possibly get a dress made and shipped to LA within 10 days. The artists heard the news and flipped out -- they were all very familiar with Daryl Hannah. For all of the artists, it was the film 'Splash' that rocked their world. They were amazed that Daryl Hannah knew what they were doing and recognized their work. It was a bit surreal for all of us. 10 days later the dress arrived in time in LA and Daryl flew out to Italy and ended up wearing it at the Venice Film Festival. We found some images from the Internet and shared them with the artisans and everyone got a great deal of satisfaction from it. This happened many years ago but we still remember. From all of us at Escama Studio Thank you Daryl Hannah!

Daryl Hannah in Escama Studio Dress

Darryl Hannah at the Blade Runner Redux release at Venice Film Festival


Daryl also wore the dress for a photo shoot in Delta In-Flight Magazine.


The film Splash was huge in Brazil. The artisans were crazy for Daryl Hannah.



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