Wearable Technology -- Fiber Optic Dress

The annual Maker Faire in San Mateo is always a source of inspiration for us. The event brings together a mind boggling array of makers who offer demos and tutorials to encourage present and future tinkerers. This year we had the pleasure of meeting meeting up with the Canadian non-profit, Make Fashion CA that is a match maker that brings together fashion designers and people who are pioneering wearable technology.

The realm of wearable technology is something that we are exploring right now. To give you a glimpse of what can be done with fiber optic filaments applied to a dress, check out this video by the designer, Natalie Walsh from the website Instructables.com. It's gorgeous and the best thing about it is, here's a link for instructions on how to make it!

FIber Optic Dress from Natalie Walsh on Vimeo.


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