Winning Visual Merchandising Displays

Last month we sent out a call to our retail partners for photo submissions in our Visual Merchandising Competition. Our goal was to gather photos to see the different ways that Escama Studio's bags can be merchandised in different stores. We received submissions from all over the world from different types of shops -- museum stores, fair trade stores, gift shops and fashion boutiques. The following are the photos that we selected as the winners of the competition. Congratulations winners!  Each of you have won free credits that can be applied towards purchases of Escama Studio's bags and accessories. We are inspired by everyone's creativity. Thank you all!


Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah GA

 BAINBRIDGE ISLAND ART MUSEUM, Bainbridge Island Washington (USA)

Bainbridge Island Museum, Bainbridge Island, WA

DE DE CE, Sydney (Australia)

De De Ce, Sydney Australia

De De Ce, Sydney Australia

FAIRSCHENKBAR, Lüdenscheid, (Germany)











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