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A few years back, we were at a trade show in Las Vegas and a product developer for Gibson Guitars stopped by with a unique question: 'do you think you could make a guitar strap from pop tops'? It was an interesting proposition; we usually only make soda pop tab purses and other fashion items. His rationale: 'most of the songs in Nashville are about broken hearts and drinking beer' so maybe a beer tab guitar strap would be a hit with beer drinking broken hearts. We agreed to give it a try and after a few months we came up with the straps that you see here.

alt="guitar strap studded with soda pop tabs"

Ironically, by the time the prototype was completed, the product developer had already left Gibson. So now we've got a guitar strap that looks completely out of place among our line of fashion handbags! But it was an interesting exercise in product development and works. It has basically the same appearance of other metal guitar straps on the market, such as bullet guitar straps, studded punk straps, and chain guitar straps but it's significantly lighter because it's made out of aluminum. The strap shines under bright stage lights. It's also comfortable on the shoulder because it has a hand crocheted padded backing layer.

alt="studded guitar strap with beer tabs - escama studio"

So far we've sent a few straps out to bands through friends-of-friends. Notables who have used the strap include members of the band X, their touring partners Pearl Jam, as well as players from indie bands in Portland, to guitarists in Alabama and Nashville.




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