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Pop Top Guitar Strap

August 01, 2013

A few years back, we were at a trade show in Las Vegas and a nice gent from Nashville stopped by with a unique question: 'do you think you could make a guitar strap from pop tops'? He explained that he was a product developer for Gibson Guitars and mused that 'most of the songs in Nashville are about broken hearts and drinking beer' so maybe a beer tab guitar strap would be a hit with beer drinking broken hearts. We agreed and after a few months we came up with the straps that you see here.

As far as we know, ours are the only beer-tab guitar straps in existence. The strap shines like chrome when stage lights hit the pull-tabs outer layer. The backing is all hand crocheted and it's lightweight and comfy on the shoulder. So far there are a dozen indie bands in Portland, Oregon that use them and also some guitar heros in Muscle Shoals and Nashville.




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