Lamija Suljevic's Gypsy-Inspired Fashion


Swedish Designer, Lamija Suljevic draws inspiration from life in Paris and a childhood in Bosnia. Learning to sew as a child from her mother in Bosnia, Lamija has said that aspects of her design refer back to memories of gypsies who lived in an abandoned bus in her old neighborhood. At 23 she has has already launched two collections.

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Here is a brief bio of Lamija Suljevic fom Not Just a Label

Lamija Suljevic is part of the new generation of Swedish designers. Born in Bosnia, she fled from the war torn country to Sweden at the young age of 5. After becoming a fashion graduate of design, Lamija's interests turned to tailoring, and she has since completed a course in pattern design and dress making at the local Cutting Academy. Lamija's designs pay tribute to her roots and origins, and aim to blend the realms of fashion and art. in her latest collection she draws inspiration from the Balkans. Lamija is inspired by handicraft and luxurious traditional hand-made techniques. Her goal is to bring back handmade crafts.

For more about Lamija Suljevic, here is a great interview from Volt Cafe.

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