How To Style A Silver Cross Body Bag

Practicality Meets Glamour

The convenience of hands-free movement has made the cross body bag one of the most essential purse styles in fashion. The popularity of this silhouette has inspired countless variations and exciting styles designed for different functions. It seems the only thing boring is the colors; most crossbody bags on the market are in the same uninspired colors – black and brown. 

In our opinion a silver cross body bag is the most versatile purse that you can own. It combines the practicality of a hands-free purse with an unusual color that gives a touch of glamour and fun to any outfit. Ironically it’s rare to ever see one on the street. The reason why is because it can be tricky to combine the color silver. But with a few styling pointers and some trial and error you’ll see how indispensable a silver cross body bag really is. 

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A Silver Purse Is Less Risky Than A Silver Outfit

It’s good to keep in mind that accessories are designed to ‘accessorize’, they’re just one part of the overall outfit. A silver purse or a pair of shoes provides a focal point and adds just the right pop of silver color. Add one silver crossbody bag to your wardrobe and it’s an easy way to dip your toe into the trend without taking the full plunge into silver -- like a 90s supermodel wearing silver mesh chainmail.

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Silver Cross Body Bag With Jeans

In general, silver accessories + blue jeans = a winning combination. Consider one accessory – silver jewelry or silver tennis shoes, or a silver belt – and combine it with jeans. Chances are you’re going to create a fantastic outfit. A word of caution: don’t overdo it. Too much silver will overwhelm your ensemble.

Our favorite silver cross body bag to wear with jeans is the Masha messenger bag. Because it’s an upcycled crossbody bag made from aluminum tabs it’s also on-trend in terms of sustainability. It adds just a touch of bling to a casual outfit without becoming overpowering.  

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Silver CrossBody With Leather Jacket

Stylistically, metallics and leather work very well together, especially black leather. The colors black and silver have a high contrast, high impact combination. It’s not surprising that a silver cross body bag is the perfect combo with a black leather jacket. A well worn leather jacket combined with a metallic purse creates a cool rock & roll vibe that could land you a record contract on looks alone.

High Contrast: Silver Purse + Black Clothes

You’ll find that this type of purse works with other black outfits as well. The minimalist color story of black and silver can be one of the easiest ensembles to achieve an aesthetic that is subdued and elegant. Consider black clothing such as a black turtleneck, jacket, and a pair of stylish black framed glasses. The silver bag draws the attention and balances an all black outfit.

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Silver Crossbody Bag With Bright Colors

A silver metallic purse looks amazing with high contrast black outfits but also with bright colors. A note of caution; it depends on which bright color, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. The wrong way is to pair a silver bag with a gold outfit. The other wrong way is to combine it with a busy print pattern. In both instances the silver will lose all of its impact.

The right way is to choose a solid bright color that is on-trend. Look around for an impactful, bright colored top or dress. Choose an on-trend orange, green, blue, yellow, pink to create a 60s mod fashion vibe. Add a silver cross body bag and voila! Your bright color will become even more vivid. 

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Silver Purse With a Shibori Dyed Top

Frankly, we are not huge fans of tie dye T-shirts. But other styles of dyed dresses and tunics are breathtaking. Perfect for warm climates and vacations, a Japanese shibori dyed top is elegant and casual.

Combined with a colorful dyed tunic, white pants and a pair of comfortable flats, a silver purse can give a focal point and tie the whole ensemble together.

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Low Contrast: Silver Purse With White Outfits

Silver with black is a high contrast color combination, and silver and whiite is a low contrast color combination. As everyone knows, an all-white color ensemble is an elegant and impactful fashion style for summer. When a silver crossbody purse is added to a casual all-white summer outfit the result is a dazzlingly white monochromatic color story.

A silver bag combined with an all white outfit makes the silver take on an even lighter, platinum hue.

Imagine a tropical vacation – you’re wearing a lightweight cotton or linen dress, a pair of leather sandals and a nice straw tote bag. Instead of carrying the usual straw tote, swap it out for a metallic silver hobo bag.

The Laura silver hobo bag is made from upcycled aluminum tabs and it has a shiny metallic silver appearance. The sculptural woven bag made with crochet is a perfect substitute for a woven bag made of straw. And it’s a recycled bag that is actually lighter than same-sized leather or canvas bags.

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Silver Clutch With Chain Adds Versatility

The place where silver purses feel most at home are at parties. Everyone has hidden away in the closet a clutch bag for weddings or other special occasions like parties, galas and New Years Eve. The opportunity to use a silver clutch is as limited as the opportunity to wear a sequined dress or a silk ball gown. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. 

By adding a chain purse strap you can get a lot more mileage out of your silver clutch purse. You can essentially turn your not-very-practical clutch into a more practical hands-free crossbody. 

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Our favorite silver clutch with chain is the Leda. It’s an upcycled bag with a cutout handle that is dressy enough to wear with black formal outfits and casual enough to go with light colored summery outfits. It already comes with a long detachable chain strap so it’s even more versatile. 

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Silver Crossbody Phone Bag

There is nothing more essential to carry than a phone. A bag that is just big enough to carry the basic essentials – ID, keys, and phone – is the type of purse most in demand now. It is the minimalist answer for people on the move. A silver crossbody phone bag is a great accessory that can work with any outfit from compliment business-casual blazers to cut off shorts and flip flop sandals. It’s a fun accessory if you want to travel light and go hands-free. Our favorite purse is the Smart Bag that has an adjustable nylon strap, a pocket for credit cards and a main pocket big enough to slide in Max sized iPhone and Android phones. 


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