Google's Odyssey Into Rio's Favelas

Google's Odyssey Into Rio's Favelas - Escama Studio

The slums of Rio de Janeiro rise high above the city, holding commanding views over Copacabana beach and the ritzy neighborhoods below. Originally built as make shift housing, these shantytowns or favelas exploded over a hundred year period to become the extremely dense, permanent urban zones that they are now. Today one in five residents of Rio live in favelas -- cities within cities that evolved organically with no formal plan and very little infrastructure. Few people outside of the community know what's inside because everything that they've ever heard and seen about them is downright scary.

With a timely interest in Rio as host city of the 2016 Olympics, Google has created a jaw dropping video production, 'Beyond the Map' that introduces Rio De Janeiro's favelas in a series of compelling video episodes. With spectacular video footage, 360 degree mapping from the back of motorcycles and introductions to people in the community, Google has succeeded in presenting a narrative to an under represented urban landscape.


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