The Journey of An Escama Bag

Pop Tab Purse From Brazil To The US

Escama is based in San Francisco and our products are handmade by our artisan partners in Brazil. The purses have a distinctive metallic appearance and people always ask what they're made of. The short answer is 'soda pop tabs', but the full story is an incredible journey with a few twists and turns.

This film follows the journey of a pop top purse from Brazil to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We wanted to show the immense amount of work that goes into the making of an Escama bag: from sourcing recycled aluminum, sorting usable tabs, washing, polishing, trimming and crocheting pop tops into the finished products.

The film was shot by a crew in Brazil and was directed and edited in London by the award winning team of Tom Atkinson and Luke Dormehl. It aired in the UK in 2009 as part of the Channel 4 '3 Minute Wonder' series. The version that you see here was later edited for use in the US.



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