How to Make a Pop Top Necklace

How to Make a Pop Top Necklace - Escama Studio

Would you believe that we actually hold a patent for this design? How weird is that. But for you, here's a free DIY tutorial on how to make this edgy pop top necklace. (One thing to consider first: if you prefer a ready-made kit with clasps and rings you can get our DIY necklace kit, or a finished pop top necklace here.

Necklace patent


This can be made with the most basic of supplies – a nail clipper and emery board will work as your tools, or you can step it up a notch and use jewelry pliers and a cutter. Sure, you need the pop tops too – but start spreading the word among your soda and beer-guzzling friends and you’ll gather them in no time. Here’s how you do it:

pop top necklace tools


Pop tops (about 100), cleaned

Two jump rings

Lobster clasp

Jewelry pliers

Jewelry cutter (or nail clippers)

Emery board

pop tops


These directions are for a necklace made with stacks of 4 pop tops for each “link.” A short women’s necklace used 27 links of four pops, for a total of 108 tops. You can modify and to make links of 2 or 3 pop tops if you want to use fewer pop tops. Regardless of the length you make, you need to make a cut through the wider opening on half of your pop tops. Do this by using a nail clipper or cutter to make a snip to the side of the wider opening.

Start by holding a stack of four uncut pop tops in one hand.
With your other hand, press the snipped edge of a cut top against the stack, so it snaps into place.

pop tops
Continue until four cut pop tops have been linked to the stack of uncut pop tops. This is how you build the entire necklace, adding cut tops to uncut tops, in links of four. Continue until you have as long a necklace as you desire. If needed, you can sand any rough edge with an emery board.

diy pop top necklace tutorial
When the necklace is the desired length, add a jump ring to one end of the necklace. Add a jump ring and a lobster clasp to the other end.
diy necklace tutorial

Here is a FREE DIY TUTORIAL on how to crochet a flower with pop tabs!

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