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Escama up-cycled pop tab purses have a quirky style that really appeals to some people. It's hard to predict who will love them, but our fans include people of all ages, genders, and body types. What they all have in common is that they're happy to stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some of our favorite photos of Escama fans taken over the years. Enjoy!

alt="sequin kimono from up-cycled pop tabs- escama studio"
Gilbert of CSisters in the kimono cover-up

The sequin kimono made with soda pop tabs is definitely a statement piece that grabs attention. Gilbert of Csisters is an importer-trader of ethnic-inspired clothing, tribal jewelry and is famous for his funky style. Here is Gilbert wearing the embellished kimono as a cover-up to his exotic ensemble.

alt="quirky crossbody bag from pop tabs - escama studio"
Style Maven with Masha bag

This fan has a sense of style that’s casual and elegant: white linen pants, bright colored indigo dyed shirt and silver statement jewelry. When she saw the quirky crossbody bag it was love at first sight. The Masha cross body is just what she needed, a funky purse to add a pop of silver to complete her outfit. Every time she wears her bag, people stop to ask her about it.

alt="sequin kimono with pop tabs - escama studio"
Paradise the Poet & Jewell LeAnn in the kimono cover-up

Music and art festivals are places where you can see a lot of quirky clothes. Jewell LeAnn is a bass player and performs on stage wearing an Escama embellished kimono that is woven with up-cycled soda tabs. The kimono shines and sparkles under the bright lights of the stage. This is one of our favorite photos of all time.

alt="unusual and quirky handbag made from soda can tabs - Escama Studio"
 Museum-goer with Danubia bag

Escama purses are the perfect handbag for vacations. When you’re putting together outfit ideas for a vacation it’s good to have a purse that can go everywhere you go. Wear it with a print retro dress, to a fancy restaurant or a museum. We met this fan wearing her Escama bag in front of the Whitney Museum in NYC.

alt="soda pop tab jewelry for guys - escama studio"
Happy camper in soda tab necklace

We are surprised to discover that even guys are intrigued by Escama upcycled products. Some Game of Thrones enthusiasts like it because it looks like chainmail, other guys like it because it is upcycled and unusual. This guy got a necklace to show that he was ready for the weekend. “If anybody asks, I’m going to tell them that I drank all the beer to make this necklace”.

alt="sequin kimono woven upcycled soda pop tabs - escama studio"
Blanche Mackey-Hasan in kimono cover-up

When we saw Blanche Macky-Hasan we knew that she was born to wear Escama. She has a quirky fashion sense that makes her stand out from everyone else on the planet. This photo was taken on Blanche’s birthday and she bought the kimono as a gift to herself. 

alt="quirky fashion ideas for dogs soda tab necklace"
The late Baba Wee Wee in soda tab necklace

This is a photo of the late, great Baba Wee Wee. An Instagram celebrity pooch known to dress in Gucci from nose to tail, Baba was always at festivals. He agreed to wear our aluminum soda tab chain necklace even though it clashed with his gold chain. Escama has a few canine friends but Baba Wee Wee stood out from the pack.

alt="quirky purse made from soda tabs - escama studio"
Kelsie with the Concho purse

Kelsie is a self-professed Eco Warrior and has an irrepressible energy that we love. Apparently she’s also a fan of unusual and quirky handbags. One day while riding an electric scooter, she spotted a guy on a bicycle wearing an Escama bag and asked, ‘where did you get that bag'?! Eventually she found us and got a quirky clutch bag of her own. Kelsie gets an A++ for enthusiasm and style. 

alt="sequin kimono roberta linn 90 birthday party - escama studio"
  Roberta Linn's 90th birthday, kimono cover-up

It's an honor to have Roberta Linn wear an Escama kimono on her 90th birthday. (Yes, that's not a typo, we said 90 years old). Roberta has been a performer her entire life and sang with the Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, and Lawrence Welk's 'Champagne Ladies'. When you're bold you can choose to wear whatever funky clothing you want.

alt="quirky purse from pop tabs - escama studio"
Adorable Christina Jones with Francisca purse

It's no exaggeration to say that kids have a special attraction to Escama bags. It may be because they're cute, made of pop tabs, and strangely glamorous. This is an old photo of Christina Jones as a kid wearing her beloved Escama bag. She's grown up now and is a classically trained cellist with a graduate degree from Cambridge. 

Do you have a favorite Escama purse? Share a photo and tag us on Instagram with hashtag #escamastudio

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