Social Enterprise, An Artisan Perspective

Social Enterprise, An Artisan Perspective - Escama Studio
Hello, my name is Mary Magdalene. You can see me in the "Who made your Bag?" section on the website. I would like to share a bit of my trajectory as a thank you, first and foremost to God and the Escama Studio team that has been by my side in partnership for more this year in a decent and respectful job. It was what kept me afloat and active because I had some health problems by Caused a heart problem. I'm still going through the treatment and probably I'm going to have to go through the implant catheter, but I went back to work because I consider my work part of my recovery. In addition to the important financial help of my work, being in front of our group of artisans and Therefore in constant contact with the staff of Escama Studio, me an extremely grateful person makes for the exchange  this relationship provides. Our group has stayed together all these years because of this partnership. That is why, on behalf of all the women benefited by this work, I thank the life of each one of them, my life, the lives of all the employees of Escama Studio, without forgetting people which they make it possible: you, who appreciates our work
Let's go ahead! Health and Peace to everyone!

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  • Judi McCaughey

    I can’t read the person who made my purse. Looks like maybe Maria de Jesus?? Couldn’t find her. I LOVE my purse!!!!! Want to thank her personally.

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