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Pull Tab Flower

Crochet a Flower With Pull Tabs

For crafters who want to know how to crochet with pull tabs, we've come up with this free crochet pattern that will teach you how to crochet a flower. This is our first DIY project and it's a good introduction to recycled crafts. This crochet flower can be made into a Christmas tree ornament, a brooch or incorporated into a larger project.

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Materials & Tools

Step 1: Materials & Tools

  • 6 pull tabs
  • Crochet thread (1 or 2 colors). We recommend a strong synthetic fiber that is resistant to abrasion
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • No. 3 crochet needle
Prepare Your Pull Tabs

Step 2: Prepare Your Pull Tabs

Choose tabs that are in good condition. Wash them until they are clean and shiny. Use the wire cutters to remove any sharp edges from the pull tab.

Start Crocheting

Step 3: Start Crocheting

Begin crocheting the center of the flower using a single stitch to cover the 'thin side' of the tab (top figure) (the side that's pulled when a can is opened). Repeat this step, joining all 6 pull-tabs in a line. (bottom figure).

Connect the Circle

Step 4: Connect the Circle

Pull the line of tabs into a circle and crochet them together (top figure). Fill in the middle space with single stitches until it forms the center of the flower (bottom figure). Cut the thread leaving a small tail. Burn the thread's end with the lighter to prevent the thread from fraying.

Add Color to the 'Petals'

Step 5: Add Color to the 'Petals'

Cover the outer ring of the pull-tab using a double stitch with different colored thread. There are 22 double stitches per tab.

Cover and Connect

Step 6: Cover and Connect

Cover all tabs in this same manner, connecting each of the petals together.

Finish the Flower

Step 7: Finish the Flower

When the last pull tab is covered, join it to the first one with a single stitch. Finish it off by burning the end of the thread to prevent fraying. You're done!

Some ideas for your finished flower:

  • Sew or hot glue a pin on the back to create a brooch
  • Attach a loop of thread to create a snowflake holiday ornament
  • Crochet many flowers together to form a wall hanging or a scarf.
Eumary Moura Alves Novaes Pinto with Pull Tab Flowers


Artisan (shown): Eumary Moura Alves Novaes Pinto

Design: Renato Ambroise