Shoulder Bag With Flap | Francisca

Small shoulder bag with a fold over flap and zipper top closure. It has a soft and supple weave handcrafted by talented women Brazilian artisans who combine traditional handwork to transform aluminum scrap to high fashion. Comes fully lined with matching color fabric.

Size: 10 inches long x 6 inches tall x 1 inch deep (expandable)

Strap: 17 inches long (8.5 inch strap drop)

Thread color: bamboo, black, olive, pink, red, silver, teal

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    lLove them and this is my second one. Have had many positive comments.

    This is the second one I have in black and silver. Have had many positive comments and it goes with almost everything and is so well done inside and out.

    One of the most cleverly designed purses I've ever seen

    I was given the francisca pulltab purse a year ago. I began useing approx 8 months ago, and have used no other purse since. As a collector of purses I have many high dollar named purses .coach prada etc. Etc.. none one can I say can be compared to the pull tab purse of yours. For starters, I am CONSTANTLY being complimented on my purse from men to women of all ages. Secondly they notice my purse from across the room , then come over and ask about it. I always catch people staring at it and I pick it up and ask , you like? They usually respond ,what is it made of? as there touching it they figure it out , pull tabs. I say yep. Everybody LOVES this purse. The very best thing about the pull tab purse, it shows no wear after 8 months still looks brand new. Another thing is it never gets dirty, ever. This is one of the most cleverly designed purses I've ever seen. And I absolutely LOVE it. Your bigger version of the Francisca is going to be my next purchase. Thanks so much for making such a great purse.

    Everyone asks me about this bag!

    Well, this, and my other, which is black and silver. Wonderful bags--well made, light-weight, and eye-catching. I got this one with the teal thread and it is just perfect--a little pop of color that sees to go well with very nearly everything.

    Pop tab purse

    I am really happy with my purchase. The bags are very well made and you would never believe they were made from pull rings. They are unique in every way. I would certainly recommend these bags to anyone looking for something different. Many thanks to the ladies that work hard to produce them x