Pop Top Necklace

‘Chain Link’ necklace - chunky yet surprisingly lightweight. Lobster clasp closure.

Total length: 20” L

    Type: jewelry

    Vendor: Escama Studio

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    "Excuse me, Ma'am..is that a Bulgari??"

    ..the lady asked. She caught me off guard, for only a heartbeat. But then I smiled, "no, actually it's an..Escama.." And I told her the story of the wonderful aluminum pull tab jewelry, the talented artisans who keep these amazing products coming, and loyal customers (like me), who buy them as gifts. I made sure she had the website info so she could look in and buy something. My last two necklaces were for the mother of a friend, recently recovering from an illness. I wanted to cheer her up. Boy did I ever!! So I also purchased a second one - for her daughter. Both of them had admired mine. I figured, what a unique get well present. They were thrilled. Of course... now everyone will be asking THEM - where they got those 'Bulgaris' :-))

    Fabulous Necklace!

    I have now bought and own seven pieces of the wonderful pop-top jewelry by Escama. I love them all! Every time I wear them, people always ask me where I got them and I tell them Escama.com. I am still hoping that eventually Escama will start making and offering ankle bracelets because I will certainly be the first customer to buy them. P.S. to the Escama Artists and Designers. My ankle measurement is 9" around.

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